Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crazy stuff I get on my sidekick....funny though

A woman was helping her husband set up his computer, and at the appropriate point in the process, she told him that he would now need to enter a password. Something he could remember easily and will use each time he has to log on.
The husband was in a rather amorous mood and figured he would try for the shock effect to bring this to his wife's attention. So, when the computer asked him to enter his password, he made it plainly obvious to his wife that he was keying in...

His wife fell off her chair laughing when the computer replied:

Random Saturday Morning picture blog

( 6 trai

Why is verizon phone and Internet so expensive? They have almost twenty dollars in taxes and surcharges for the land line phone! My bill was like 110.00 Thad's Crazy in the house the internet is only 19.99 i just leave mine on so i get my 19.99 worth but I woke up this morning and thought about that my electric bill may be high as hell.

verizon is crazy.

Gabe said why do we have a land line anyway. hell, I like a land line.

I might let my cell go. i did once following behind Gomez.

(my closest friend gomez)He doesn't care about a land line or cell. Wont hardly answer his cell.

My contract ended months ago I just kept paying but I only use 100 minutes cause you get 5 faves I'm only a fave to three of them the other 2 we have fallen out. I'm always trying to call pep-le at the end of the term so I don't lose minutes. I called my aunt the other day. That was work. We talked about nothing. Yes I might get rid of the cell. I don't now. maybe get a prepaid one? I have a virgin mobile phone. QT who is my friend on this page and FM 360 in the summer I use to talk on the porch to him for hours just hanging out arguing with neighbors. he was fun. Wed talk about music and stuff on the Net. hes a good person little crazy tho. But good. he might start blooging more here he signed my guest book anyway. At first i didn't get him to much he was always doing these satires about celebrities then i started to dig what he was doing and we became cool

Hats funny we havent fallen out but we don't speak that much via cell. ( Thad's hardkore im thinking of. me and Antwan was wondering about him. He has a nice page here to and on 360.

The other fave it kills me to call his ass.(shawn ski) he always has some slick stuff to say. I call my friend here in Brooklyn when no one else their is to talk too. i swear. Then when I don't feed into it tries to be regular.

I have grown up so much in the past five years. Cause I love my gay friends but I hate when they act like bitches just on that catty faggot shit. I can take it with gays online cause i don't know them I think online peeps are just having fun so they say weird shit and to me its funny. cause I know we don't really know each other and probably without the internet we would never even probably kick it. So, I understand.

but the ones in my neighborhood? I remember I wouldn't be seen with Shawn I hope his ass reads this too. That punk I swear. never calls till he wants something.

I live down the hall from a transsexual. She looks ok. we don't associate to much or nothing but they are very nice people. I got locked out and they helped me gain access to my apt. My mother like d them too when she lived. She didn't understand them she felt if your gonna dress like a woman you should at least look like one. Ma use to say " my god he has no business in no dress he aint fooling no one. But shed always say, His make up is nice. I wish I could wear make up like that.

Last year he called and i was not in a good frame of mind. When si aw his name I was like "What do u need cause Thad's the only time you call" so he wentbinto that sissy thing and I just hung up on him. Nana said, Why did you do that. i told her. I forget what she said but I told her I was sick of people only calling when they had a need. I was looking at a lot of pics we took tho at one time we were close friends. I see us drinking at bars etc. But somewhere we stopped being friends closely.

same with *&^%$ und out he was not well and he would still do things that could harm his health. I don't understand that. How you can U be dying of AIDS he had one T cell ( i wonder what the hell the T stands for? imma investigate this on the internet. he said. I went to his house he was still doin some foul, foul shit. he used drugs sometimes too. Gabe and him do not get along they were going t fight once. Hell, they are both men I wasn't about t jump in that shit. They were both wrong. I remember saying if these two get in a fight i swear I hope G wins. But lawrence sid some shit to me that pissed me off. he said these latino mother fuckers ...Hats when I checked him. But he was just mad. gabe was being really fucked up to him disrespect-in him 4 no reason. We never talked about that. To many years done gone by to bring it up now. let sleeping dogs lie

Hats just I still don't know what to think. I tried to call him ( XXXXXX)skin got very bad looking and he got homeless too. I let him stay in Gabes apartment cause at that he was getting ready to sublet and was never their anyway. That guy just was out there hes a minister too with the Church Of God In Christ. But he explained alot about religion at one time I didn't like gays who were religious and active in the church. I thought they were hypocrites. I use to call them church sissies. I was real bad about saying that too. He explained that they are human. It was deep. Nobody may respect that but i do because I use to really be negative about alot of things due to ignorance. He said some people are just a work in progress or something like that.He said more i cant remember it now. i remember cause it was like 4 am when we was talking at my old crib. I drove to Fla to pick him up. Not really cause I'm a good friend I just needed an excuse to go. He was stranded. Now that I think about it. That MF probably smoked up his Amtrak ticket! How else would you get stranded? damn I was dumb.

but I know I went 4 my own reasons. We went to a hotel and I use to live in fla when i was like 15 for a year but I'm still friends with alot of guys and girls I met. We ran into this guy named dexter who i snuck in the house but I was like not having sex yet but we were just chillin laying in the bed doing that corny ass teen age stuff you do when your like a virgin and don't know what to really do. he wasn't that good looking then either. he was kinda ugly last I saw of him. Anyways, and my moms found him hiding under the bed. i still laugh at that. dexter came to the hotel it was clled the gator inn, omn of those cheap hotels It was near the University of Florid. i went to school a year in gainesville Fla. I saw him walking down 5th ave in Porters quarters Thad's like the black side of town.

I hollered and shit I recognized him. He was sort of nerdish looking back in the day.I told him to come hang with us and we were kicking it. Now this guy lawrence. was trying to make him you know. lawerence is way older than me cause he has a son close to my age but he looks really young like . he was like 50 then! That was wrong cause damn. he wasn't too well his self and their wasn't a damn condom in sight. I didn't know what to do I didn't want to tell dexter his business. Plus no telling what the hell dexter had. That dude over the years was fucking everything. So they was probably both in the same predicament. I just drove him home tho. No one was paying for the damn room but me. i figured if anyone was gonna sin it shold be the one with the damn visa card. that would be me..!

When you spend your life a certain way sometimes you don't see others views. I commend all those kats who go to church , sing n the choir are elders because at least they are serving a God they believe in. I just cant get into church. I don't know why. I hate it. Its boring and the people are so phony. I always think they thinking im gay or something.

i went to a baptist church once or holiness and the usher had the nerve to ask me why i didn't go down when they had alter call. I wa so pissed i said none of your damn business. It pissed me off.(downtown brooklyn)

That usher from the time i walked in wwas just fucking with me. i was trying to sit by myself cus ei dint like sitting next to a bunch of strangers then they want you to hug em and all. She kept trying to make me sit somewhere finally I lost it i was like damn whats with you. She looked so shocked then I was mad cus eif there was a blessing or whatever i had fucked that up messin with her ass!

I just cant get into it. But i think about these things I try not to hurt people. Not because I am scared its because for years I didn't give a damn. I did so amny rotten things to alot of people coming up. Now I try to chill.

Things that would have upset me years ago don't faze me. In the street I stay away from alot of the places like the village those young gay kids will make you punch them inn the face. I went to this bar kee kees I think it is called. This black gay kid touched my hair and said "oh Thad's real! I thouht it was a weave, that was the last fight I had. I was going thru a thing. That year I couldn't get it together. I was just barely surviving and i was trying to stay on the right side of the law. Not get caught up. I had made some pretty good friends but i went down their to have fun. Alot of them knew me because one said, uh uh they fucked with the wrong one. But I don't understand when people always have a sharp mouth and say things and when you knock their ass upside they head. they look stupid and wanna apologize. i doubt they are sorry they are just sorry that its gonna end not to nice. (east side 14th stret nyc)I stayed away from the village up until this past summer and again i went to Christopher street park and this dude kicked my dog and again I ended up fighting some guy all the way into the stonewall bar. The worst part it was a white kid and a white bar, I was punching his ass and do u know those people at the bar said " I probably tried to rob him" cause they asked what was going on and i said this MF kick my dog! (patrick)The old queen said humph! probably tried to rob him. Isn't that a bitch so now I just fade away from some of those spots. they are very prejudice over there at the stonewall bar and the Duplex Thad's the place you see on Will and Grace. But say what you want. You can have a masters degree or whatever. if you are a black kid here in NY and you were jeans and jordans people automatically assume that you are up to no good.

if your not swinging your arms and snapping your fingers they think your some sort of thug. Fuck what you heard. progress my damn ass. i don't see much change in peples ideas hell I'm no damn Obama so its more of the damn same.

reminds me of a story where this black lady is walking s=down th street in Hrlem and this man says Well how r u doing miss so and so and she says 'well I'm still a nigger"

Hats how I feel about all this Obama shit. I like Obama but hell I still live in crown Heights and i give less than a flying fuck if the world is wiling to embrace a black president cause ethey still gonna lock their door when you cross the damn street and theyse my black ass. I just may sound cynical but folks are just to damn happy because they think that now were all gonna sing kum bah yah and shit.

Dont get me wrong Thad's not everyone and alot of folks are sincere but ya know. Sometimes baby its all a damn drag. All the smiles and those folks that say "change" for no damn reason in the office. i be like change what mother fucker? LOL sometimes im just mean for th fun of it.

I'm happy folks are trying its a hell of a awkward thihg here in USA right now. Everyone wants to do the right thing but what the hell is the right thing?

Theres a little bar called "The Monster" off Christopher Street in Manhattans west village

gabe and i had broke up. cause when my mother came to stay with me he couldn't deal with it so I was like. bounce. I chose my nana over any man. Fuck it. Love isnt simple. At that time we had one bedroom. I gave ma the bedroom. She was grieving cause my dad had just passed christmas of 05 she would wake up and call him in the middle of the night sweating so. I use to be scared to sleep. She wanted to die when her husband of 54 years died. They were always together(west 14th street, union square)

(parents 50th wedding brooklyn east flatbush)

My whole focus was on her. he felt neglected I think but I couldn't do anything about caused a lot of friction and their was no time to sort it all out everything caused an argument. if he breathed it irritated me so we saw it 4 what it was and he left we were friends we have been friends since Boys High days

but it was hard caring for a senior. She didn't catch demntiaa till pop died then she had no readon to live they had been married 54 years. She would say " I lost everything" damn I didn't know what that ment till she died.

When they took nana to the emergency room gabe came and Thad's really when i needed him. People don't get that you can love someone but you don't need to be up under then 24 hours a damn day. Sometimes you gotta let that person show you they love you by knowing when to step on the scene. Its always when its real, right on time.

I'm still like that. Some days here. i hardly say 20 words to him or him me. But hell after all these years whats to talk about? We can be mad cool just chillin palyng casino. We play that every morning at about 4 am when he comes in themn i get on computer he sleeps i blog and read shit. take a shower and split 4 the day, I use to listen to other gay people and they would always have advice. no man their self but planty of damn advice. One night we were out drinking i told this person "you pick up stranger sin the park how the hellyou gonna give out some damn advice!" Alsohol gives you a wonderful perspective of people. he had a damn nerve.

I had so many decisions to make she needed a 7 hour surgery and if she didn't get it she would die and at her age 84 if she got it she might not make it. I was just a fuckin mess. I even prayed to God but then I was like. naw god I aint gonna promise nothing cause I probably wont keep my promises no damn way. But she believes in you and she tides to live right. that whole scene was a trip. I'm so glad i don't have no one else I will have to go the=ru that agin.

I know right now I'm not as happy as i should be but im not misreable. (on top of Gs aunts house)i don't see why we live on earth and have 2 go thru so much shit. makes no sense. All we do is work and pay bills and laugh a little maybe if your lucky you find someone who loves you. then you die. I think its important to have kids and be a father to those kids it makes living a little more worthwhile. I think maybe so anywway

I was thinking of that damn hardkore from 360. he was from DC we use to talk on the phone ebe=versay when my nana was sick cause I couldn't go out at night so I turned to the net. b4 that i never freely was into the web except to chat on my sidekick on AIM I loved them katts we use to talk on the phone and I was telling him how that shit made me feel. I miss that katt he never calls anymore.

But during that time when I needed a friend he was true. Plus he liked my friend sadiq. I think my friend liked him too.

I wonder with my online friends how they life realy is. yahoo just died. I still blog their cause no one really bothers u too much.

I'm poor and black and pissed off most of the time.

Lonely and miss my mama the rest of the time.

No shit. Sometimes I just sit here and say man my mama is nevr coming home. But everybody in my hood knows me and they give me space.

I started blogging for therapy. I give less than a fuck if I only make 5 friends if they real even though they are sort of imagine-ry being the internet and all im good. But this space just lets me stay in and not be out in the streets.

if I get in trouble I don't have parents anymore and basically I know im kinda immature. I don't get some of the shit on this web at all. I use my sidekick most of the time to blog. I read shit download music the rest of the time I play games, go to work, and just chill.

Hats getting old cause im not finding much joy in that. I don't feel bad my ma died. i feel bad that when i was young I didn't appreciate her enough. I never disrespected her tho. i was a mamas boy to a point. (nana age 83 brooklyn)My nana adopted me she was really my grand ma. But she adopted me. that ment she loved me alot cause she didn't have 2 do that. And she fought to make sure my father and mother couldn't get me. I loved her for that. And, she was always in my corner. Peple in the street do not have your back. I'm tired of thiss line of thought ehll im babbling and shit about old shit

I cleaned out my aol mailbox 7865 emails. Finally, I did find some good stuff in the sent files.

Those yahoo groups. I canceled my membership in those two years ago. I still get tons of pictures. How in the hell does someone email 20 emails to a group full of damn naked men? Hats some corny shit right there. same people every dam day . After three emails I feel like a doctor that shit is not exciting. Oh well. Most of em don't even look that good either. I think they are doing a peblic srvice.

I use to love those groups but I use to be bored and would just argue with them about anything. Then they would just ignore me LOl. That was fun Id sign up again under another name and theyd catch me again. Those moderators have too much time on their hands.

Patrica, Nut, and I drank peach rum last night, then switched to wine. We had so much fun. I don't see why those two are 2gether. Shes always complaining about him. Sometimes i don't like her. i say "why is she my friend?" Then sometimes i love her very much like a sister. Sometimes i hope she doesn't want to try andy sex shit with me. because shes always trying to get me in these just me and you situations and i get paranoid about that shit when it comes to girls and some guys too. I just cant have sex with anybody. when i was 19 i did its a wonder i have my health. cause it sure had nothing to do with how I lived. I thouht sure the first few times i took an HIV test id have it but I was spared. hardly none of my friends were tho. One became an activists for HIV and AIDS prevention hes a peer counselor at a local hospital. When i worked at the jail I use to get him to come in and do presentions for the inmates about HIV prevention and testing. he was so good. I hated that damn job though I miss it now compared to what im doing now. i was a good guidance counselor. The inmates couldn't believe I was the guidance counselor and I knew so many of them cause I went to school 2 years here in brooklyn. They'd be like ol shit Thad's... But all the other counselors was old and id be like see if I can stay outta jail yall can too. cause trust me I was just lucky I was doing some of the same BS they we're. i just didn't get caught. Plus my nana sent me away as soon as she saw i was getting into the wrong path

Reminds me of those peeps that say a piece of man is better than none at all. WTF??? Thad's a thirsty comment. Or someone who hasn't been laid in so long that they're desperate. ill be damn. A piece of man is better than none at all. What piece i always wonder must be the dick and balls and ass or something Thad's giving pleasure. I just don't get that saying...

I don't get it. Dora emailed me saying she thought we were friends. I hung with her for about three weeks and suddenly were friends? People are crazy fast friends make quicker enemies. I iced her. Just stopped talking to her taking her phone calls and everything. Why do I flip on people like that? Sometimes you have to follow your first mind. When I realized that old bitch was driving me around and carrying cocaine in the car i startdd to just ignore it but i woke up one morning and said fuck her. I have no time to figure any damn body out

if you have to figure them out. They are not worth knowing. I have that problem with females becaue females are sneaky. gays are usually just a pain cause they run their mouths and play too damn much. But a female? when you ignore them they get sneaky and do mean stuff. Some gays do too. I knew some like that

Theres a chick arouund the corner. I saw her on the ave one night when I was with somebody and she ran up and she knew me from up in the Bronx. I finally remembered her but do not think she remembered me.

This is fucked up. She tried to break in my apartment years ago. i mean back like 1999 and I caught her and beat her ass all the way out to Grand Concourse. She called the police but she was hysterical the police did nothing. I told them. She was at my front door with a screw driver. So I said, maybe she remembers me and is trying to get me back. But she honestly doesn't remember. I think she thought I was somebody else. Anyway, she started coming over around dinner time. I so the third time she pops up. I let her in and said. You sure be coming around at the eating hour i am not giving any food away today. LOl I havent seen her since. Life is weird. people in brooklyn are just crazy.

Damn today is going to be mad boring. I'm not going to leeave the house today at all except to walk the dog. Mercedes gave skye to some kid on bergen now her mother wants me to keep the dog. Shit im not running a damn pound. The only reason Patrick last so long is he was nanas. Plus he caosts me alot of money. i feel hes like an adopted damn child. (patrick at park probbly about 1 and half year old)

I have never been able to keep a pet. Plus I like Patrick cause he was nanas but I don't know that walking him shit gets old when its snowing and everything. Lucky hes small. Poor dog i feel sorry for him sometimes he is so cute and faithful. When Nana died he slept on her pillow for a month only got up to pea and shit and eat. Then back on the pillow. he grieved like hell. Then one day i finaally grieved and he licked me I didn't like that shit at all. Those dogs clean their asses and all that i was WTF! But he lickedmy ears and got all up under me and i said to him. Thank you. he made me feel good so that dog is like my friend. he just cant talk or nothing but he git felings so I keep him and buy lil clothes and feed him. I saw the cat I kicked out last year. That bitch follows me i hated that cat. I had got that one for nana too but he did something and I gave him to Tony across the street and they evicted him too. Poor cat. I cant have two animals Thad's too much food and vet and all that

I wish i could sleep till Monday I do not feel well at all. Stressed out. Gabe wants to stop working in his Papis Bodega. yeah right. maybe hell find a job on his own maybe Thad's what he wants? i don't see why he wont go back to school. That DJing to me isnt steady and he will never be happy doing anything else but DJing I wish I had a passion like that. Me I like to eat and have a roof I cant fuck with the arts too much. .... I'm bored at my job.... I'm even bored tutoring this fall. It must be me.

Oh well. Its just a winter thing. I wonder will I make this a public blog or priate blog today. Sometimes I out too much personal shit in my blogs

two little old ladies

Two Little Old Ladies

Two little old ladies were sitting on a park bench outside the local town hall where a flower show was in progress.

The thin one leaned over and Said, 'Life is so boring. We never have any fun any more. For $10 I'd take my clothes off
And streak through that stupid flower show!'

'You're on!' said the other old lady, holding up a $10 bill. The first little old lady slowly fumbled her way out of her clothes and,
Completely naked, streaked (as fast as an old lady can) Through the front door of the flower show.

Waiting outside, her friend soon heard a huge commotion inside the hall, Followed by loud applause and shrill whistling. The smiling and naked Old lady came through the exit door surrounded by a cheering crowd.

'What happened?' asked her waiting friend.

'I won 1st prize as Best Dried Arrangement.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

John Smith

John Smith started the day early having set his
(MADE IN JAPAN ) for 6am.

While his
Was perking, he shaved with his
Electric razor
He put on a
Dress shirt
Designer jeans
Tennis shoes
After cooking his breakfast in his new
Electric skillet
He sat down with his
To see how much he could spend today. After setting his
To the radio
He got in his car
Filled it with GAS
(from Saudi Arabia )
And continued his search
For a good paying AMERICAN JOB.
At the end
Of yet another discouraging
And fruitless day
Checking his
(Made In Malaysia ),
Joe decided to relax for a while.
He put on his sandals
Poured himself a glass of
And turned on his
And then wondered
Why he can't find
A good paying job

The Perfect Day ( That was today)

I cant believe all the dishes are washed here and the last of the folks are leaving. What a wonderful day today was!

The best moment was I met my cousin who I had not seen since I was 12 years old!. We only met once when my dad, which is his moms Uncle was going to Fla. We stopped in the Carolinas to their house and rested for the night in lieu of a hotel. Me,him and his brother had so much fun! Hwe is from the South and has this really diffrent way of talking but to me its not country its just diffrent. My fathers side of the family are all Down south people. Born and raised. My mothers is pananmanian which they act more like Jamacians to me because they have locked hair and love reggae. Im just a mess. I dont care for reggae at all and I have a head full of hair that I enjoy combing or getting braided.

As the years passed we didnt get close because our family is just that way but we had a Aunt, a old single Aunt who made it to everyones house several times a year with a full report on all the families. My family mostly resides in Washington State, New York, Carolina, Panama and Ontario. The largest part being New York and washington state.

Anyway, i digress Im so full of happyness and a bit of Blue Goose Vodka that I spotted him all the way across the street! He Moved here from North Carolina some really small town near where my Father was born and raised. We are the closest in age and tho hes straight and Im gay we just hit it off. i was coming down the main avenue here in Brooklyn and peeps were out hollering whats up and happy Thanksgiving and I was introducing him to everyone. This is my cuz, this is my cuz. I was happy as hell.

He's the spitting image of our Great Gradfather! We hit it right off! We played Grand Theft auto, Some game gabe has by Fifty cents, ate all the food, went up and down the streets. Just like we were tweleve again. he might be the only one who could keep up with me. My Aunts say "hes a worm in hot ashes" Cause i am always moving.

I can talk as fast as i type LOL so it was a running commentary the whole trip and. He left an hour ago. His mother called me about ten minutes ago and she was so glad we "clicked" he moved up here with his girl but on my dads side of the family which we share I am his only relative. The rest are my relatives on my mothers side. Theyre all latino and really cool peple if not more than a bit dysfunctional.

Its beautiful when family can be real and be family so often we read blogs full of dysfunctional, crappy stuff, we watch these TV court shows and the family is all wanting to fight and sue. Now, dont get me wrong I know me and him will fall out and maybe cuss each other out, Theres not a single family member I have that at one time ornother I have shared with them exactly what I feel about them. I keep very little bottled up it gives me gas!

.But I vowed to myself today that the feelinng I had to day I will always remember even when I have to kick his ass and i know i will.)

I had to blog this while its still freash and the vodka is still making me happy.

OH, but that other side of the family.....Uhh UHH they acted almost per my last blog. My aunt bought no James Cleveland this year ( I found out he was the KING of gospel!) she had cds by the Gaither Family called "Homecoming" they were religious but not overbearing. Even my aunts who are staunch Catholics enjoyed the light gospel/praise style of singing that can appeal to both black and white. It was good. She even gave me three CDs ! Ill probbly listen to ill listen to just about anything. The people really do sound nice.

My crackhead cousin was a no show. People actually put their pocketbooks down and left them as we gathered round the dining room table.

My Uncle Peaches LOL me and my cousin laughed about him for awhile. He was his usually prissy self running behind my Gabe and seeming way more comfortable in his own skin this year than in years past. Him and Gabe got on well! I better watch that damn peaches LOL no, im not worried about that Im just glad he didnt have to pretend to be tougher and straighter than he is. He just looks an ass when he does it. Besides why should he care what the family thinks? hes a grown man and my Moms side of the family is not known for their genioristy.

My cousin was not pregnant this year and shes marrying a guy and going to hair school. The guy is Dominician and hes mad cool Likes video games, has a job and is going to college in the Bronx. He even got her a ring. I didnt have any glasses so the diamond was a bit hard to detect but im pretty sure I saw a glimmer of something their! Long Live Love!

No one eevn mention Keith and Kevin those are the twins. No one. I hope if they are ever released they join us and feel what a real thanksgiving day feels like.

This is the first year I think I got it! I was thankful for everything and everyone around me.

One question, why do people always conveiently have Tupperware in their cars and try to take all the leftovers home. If I can just break them all out of that habit!

I hope everyones day was a blast! No fiights or murders here....maybe XMas? LOL

To My Peeps

Whats good. Listen on this page its no "private" if a person is having a private convo u wouldnt see it and be able to read it. Come on...We all are peeps lets not be rude to other peeps This is like my house.( my page is my little internet house) if you disrespect others you are disrespecting me. thats not about to happen and we can only go thru this one time. If you come up here respect the next person or bounce. Plain and simple. if your just joking and they didnt get it. be real enough to say "I was just k=joking. But cmon I was reading my page and like WTF? They trying to turn my lil house into the "SPOT" LOL

simply put...heres the breakdown: When you leave a comment unless you press the button that says private then anyone can type a comment thats how blogs work on this page. But if we are chatting privately no one will be able to read it. So thats how that works. Im new here too but the rules arent new thats how it works everywhere....On the net. Except those really ghetto blogspots ( can u say

Peace everyone. Its all good

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The New Economy Lesson

The New Economy Lesson

If you had purchased $1,000 worth of shares in Delta Airlines one year ago, you would have $49.00 today.

If you had purchased $1,000 worth of shares in AIG one year ago, you would have $33.00 today.

If you had purchased $1,000 worth of shares in Lehman Brothers one year ago, you would have $0.00 today.

But, if you had purchased $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the aluminum cans for a recycling refund, you would have $214.00 today.

Based on the above, the best current investment plan is to drink heavily & recycle.

It is called the 401-Keg Plan.

A recent study found that the average American walks about 900 miles a year.

Another study found that Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year.

That means that, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon!

We all have one and they will be with us tomorrow"> src="" border="0" alt="">

OK so its that time of year again!!!

The whole crew will be at your house. Even that uncle we all secretly call "Uncle Peaches" Am i the only one with a Uncle Peaches? I so feel for my uncle he hasn't married and has no kids but loves to sing in the chior and is really the host of the party (after two drinks anyway) Then that one ole hateful, dried up, no man having aunt with the blue hair will be there. She'll wait for him to shine and be in his glory and ask "Boy when you gon get married" All the people at the table under age 100 will look blank as hell.

Then the way 2 skinny second cousin twice removed will get up and because she is a suspected crackhead. Everyone knows when she moves you gotta cover her. You can not let a crackhead roam unattended in your home. Unless you just want to miss all your good stuff!

OH YES! I cant wait for thanksgiving!

My favorite part is the cousins who are in jail and everyone swears they are their j usttheir because their black. Conveiently forgetting they have been robbing all of us blind since they were able to walk to the store by themselves. Isnt the twin their for stealing grandpas identity even tho hes been dead 5 years!

Oh I love me some Thanksgiving!!!!

The Niece who once is again is pregnant and seems to catch dementia when you ask exactly who baby 3.1 belongs to.

The religious aunt who if she asks to hear just a little James Clevland during the dinner hour (in a catholic household no less) great auntie francis (who wanted to be a nun until she found the power of the pussy and how shed be able to keep Uncle Ernesto in line with it way more exciting will slap her and ask forgiveness later. Or if she cant wait will sit during football time chanting the rosary where Auntie can hear it!

OH I cant wait for Thanksgiving

Then theres the one cousin who knows your in a realtionship, graduated colledge and have never graced a jail cell and he will ask....When alls quiet. yall only got tywo bedrooms and the other room looks like a den? Where do you sleep?

Oh I cant wait for thanksgiving

And if I live thru this I get to do it all over again at Christmas!!! Im so thankful!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A good day

Tas a really good day. I had to work uptown in Harlem. I always like harlem because 125th street is where you are bound to see everybody you know.

At lunch time me and a co worker were ahnging in front of the Subway by the Pathmark supermarket and you can see everything. There is a methadone clinic about a block from the office where people who are being maintained go and they are always up to something crazy. But they dont bother anyone. I just enjoy looking at them.

The people there who are in various programs dont work so they are always there selling something and the police and people at the suopermarket are always shooing them away. I tole my friend hes single i said No need looking for a future lover here. he shook his head and was like God No!!!

But we were just tripping. Tomorrow is my last day until after the holidays so I will be free. I think ill clean the bedroom. I swear its rough looking.

How hard is it to throw away stuff? I save everthing. I swear my 5th grade report card is still in my room! I just cant bear to throw stuff away and it will run me out the house.

gabe doesnt carre hes a slob anyway. As long as his side is ok hes good my side looks like somebodys granny lives here just all types of stuff. I need to just throw everything out and start over but I keep thinking

What if I need it?

ah well a pack rats dilemna

coming Home 4 Thanksgiving

An elderly man living in Phoenix calls his son in New York and says: "I hate to ruin your day, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing. Forty-five years of misery is enough."

The son gets all excited and responds: "Pop, what are you talking about? You can't divorce mom after all these years. That's crazy."

"It may be crazy," says the old man, "but I am going to tell her on this coming Thanksgiving Day! It will be the last one we spend together!"

Frantically, the son calls his sister in Chicago and she explodes: "Like heck they're getting a divorce. We're both going to fly to Phoenix tomorrow and talk some sense into dad! I don't care if it is Thanksgiving!"

When she calls her father and shouts at him over the phone: "Do you hear me? Don't you dare do a thing until brother and I get there tomorrow." Then she hangs up.

The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife: "Ok, he says with a smile, they are coming for Thanksgiving and paying their own way. Now what do we tell them for Christmas?"

journal20081007 Wee Hours ramblings

I hate I have to get up at this hour. I gotta let g in tho and its always so nice and quiet i can think. I have to get another front door key he loses his too much tho. It cost too much to keep changing the locks. Some people aren't good with keys.

There doesnt seem to be many poor people on the internet. Im poor as hell! Internet people seem to buy everything and Ive yet to see one high school drop out or crack head. Lying asses LOL I just get such a kick out of reading peoples profile and this one guy said hes a financier but I swear that apt looks like the damn south bronx. I blew that picture up and I tell you that home didnt look like them blog pages! just tickled me to death. Theres nothing wrong with being poor way I see it. Im always broke. When my ship comes in I damn sure wont be sitting here in the wee hours blogging. Ill be somewhere spending. Oh well...

Why does Verizon charge so much? How do I have a 100 dollar phone and internet bill? Sometimes i get on the internet just to get my 19.99 worth. The net is boring tho unless you like to chat and I have a sidekick for that. But its hard to get good chat buddies these days. I'm always at a damn loss as to what to say.So i just text my regular friends. They get tired of that shit too since we all live like 30 minutes at most from each other and have known each other since we were short dogs. Plus we see each other at least once a day! Its hard to find anything to text about.

I have a good chat buddy in Miami whenever he pays his phone bill.I had a 68 year old chat buddy. he was so kool I liked chatting with him on AIM at the time. But he was married and had just came out to his wife and was trying to figure out the gay life. he liked me too. But I didn't like him in that way. he was a little to old for me I guess. This was like years ago I think it was like 1999 only person I physically met off the internet. last one too. At least he got to live his life the way he wanted too even tho he had to wait till he was really old. I admire him for that.

I got a new one (chat buddy) in Tennessee's but all he talks about is his sex life. i suspect his ass is lying most of the time LOL. Ive seen his pictures and there is no way you can have that exciting a sex life and be that mean looking. he looks just mean but we were on I chat and his voice is like a girls. hes ok. I chat with him when no one else is available. I get tired of hearing about other peoples sex lives or lack thereof. I know hes lying because he tells me the same story three different ways in the course of a week. Plus he sends those damn fwds that I cant use anywhere they are the corny ones like you will have bad luck..I only get 400 text messages a month and he wastes about 20 of them. I have to block his texts.

Hell I'm in a relationship and don't see that much damn action! he has to be lying.. I dont know he lives with his mom. So maybe Its possible but hes really big too. But sometimes those overweight guys get the most play! You cant sleep on those Katts. But hes tooo willing to share the gory details that shit just sounds nasty even tho we do it but still. Hearing it is no turn on. hes ok tho.

That damn Gabe doesn't like the internet much. He cant type too good and I think my boo has a touch of the A.D.D. he gets on and if its not about music or the black liberation radio program he cant be bothered. I guess thet's a good thing from what everyone says about these web sites. I never go to them. I just like to type any way. I figure those Kat's be lying. At least the New Yorkers. new Yorkers Lie ...period. He has a blog page with nothing on it. Claims he forgot the password or somethin. I sneak and check but nothing! Some people just arent into the internet I guess.

Damn Verizon! Thats such a rip off. (us poor folk take being overcharged quite serious) I have to call them today. I hate that I have a landline but I feel weird without it plus T mobile gets crappy reception in certain parts of the house. Oh well. I always say if I have to call 911 after killing a bugler I want them to be able to get here without me trying to remember the address. i may be in shock.

I'm tired of hearing about the damn economy. I'm as broke as i was this time last year. Which isnt too bad i figure when I get extra I always spend it on BS anyway.The dog, the house, whatever How can some people save so well??? What is their secret?? I need one of those budgeting classes. No I need a windfall. A very rich long lost relative. hell every-time someone dies in my family it cost me. i don't apologize for that either. My family is like Nomads. deaths just about done me out of close relatives and savings ...Oh well

Death is very expensive. Many people say " U gotta live we cant afford to bury you" I should have become a undertaker. They make money any economy! Besides the dead never have done anything to me. Its these live ones we have to watch.

But I'm doing better i woke up yesterday with no bills! i told gabe that it was two days before bills are due. So we have to wake up thankful. I have that shit all timed. I wont even go to the mailbox till the 23rd. He says Im good with money. I mean Im not really frivilous. Its my own personal money im not good with.

You know, No one writes letters these days anyway so you know its all a bunch of bills and pre approved credit cards. My friends phone is off. he has a lot of credit debt. How do you get credit debt? crazy. You know you cant afford it or need it so why buy it on credit. Thats not kewl at all. then we cant talk on the phone cause your phone gets cut off. Well at least he doesnt borrow money id say hell no anyway. But still.

I was watching one of those television evangelists. Is it me or are those guys Pimps? he went on to talk about sowing a seed. So I called in and they asked what I wanted to pledge. i was like oh no sir, I have a need. I need money! They flat hung up on me. i laughed like a idiot. Those are things to do when home alone and bored. When I was younger id make obscene calls. Not really obscene just mess with people but you cant do it now with caller ID LOL

That was a good feeling. I had started not hanging out in the streets so id be in the house. Trying to stay out of trouble and mature. But I would be so bored! Id just dial my friends and pretend to be a telephone solicter or the nasty ones id say I was some dude from the club. They'd fall for it too cause I could disguise my voice. Go to talking and lieing their asses off! I got shawn so much that as soon as he gets suspious he says "Is that you kell playing on the damn phone" I always go to laughing and give myself away. he is at home cause he caught something and canrt work. So I use to just call all the time messing with him. hes a good dude. Were not best friends but were tight. hes reaally tall cant get a boyfriend for shit. i dont think he ever had one. hes shy I think about his height plus hes kinda feminine but if he just shuts up you wouldnt know it.

We were walking down some street in east NY they are crazy over there. So this dude comes up and I play alot too much sometimes so Im like yo sun whats good kid! Tis dude goes to actin like he knows me. My friend doesnt do stuff like that so he never meets nobody. Im workin on him tho. hes too good a catch to not have someone. the dude was probbly a a crack head I was playing with being it was like 12 30 in the morning LOL . So I get nooo points for that!

I try to get everything I need in the house so we go out less. Your home should have everything you need but thets crap. Someone breaks in your screwed. We got robbed two years ago. Thats the worse feeling in the world. They stole my PlayStation LOL. They didn't take al-ot cause everything is so big but they took my fathers wedding ring he had been dead about two years. That hurt nana so bad. Luckily she was getting a touch of dementia. I miss my Nana so much.

I cant get use to being out the house at night cause I cared for her for so long that its weird being out unless I'm going to a club or sommethin. I use to chat with QT on the phone last year i think it was on the porch id be on the porch from the time I got off work till i was called in by nana for dinner. Sort of made me like a kid again. But I loved it! I left home at like 14 or so so it gave me a chance to bond fore she died.

i really wish gabe worked better hours. i get bored as hell here. But I cant work the night shift i fall asleep or get sleepy. i admire those that can. he works at his fathers bodega. Its open 24 hours. i use to work there those crack heads use to cuss me out all the time. They buy 50 cent lighters and looseys all night. Its funny as hell. His family actually hit th number and thetas how they got the store His father is a nice man. i love him as if he was my own father. i have to cuss his ass out sometimes but other than that hes a good dude.

We want to move but we have Nana's dog patrick and its hard to move somewhere in Brooklyn where they allow pets. Th ats the problem. Plus every-time you move your looking at market value rent. Which is not good. A one bedroom in brooklyn in a decent 9not nice just decent) is about a grand a month. Most two bedrooms even in the crappy neighborhoods run

I admire gay guys who can keep a immaculate house. Not my virtue. i get sidetracked by ps2, telephones, the dog everything. as soon as i get one part clean ive torn up another part. I need a solution.

being hes family we cant just leave him. When Gabe's at work me and Pat chill. I never really had an animal before they are cool. I wonder do they think and what the hell they think about.

They say everyone needs a resolution. I kept last years i quit smoking. I cant believe I started smoking cigrettes in third grade. It wasnt even hard to quit they cost eight dollars and fifty cent here in New York a pack i just couldnt give that man my money like that. Felt like tricking or something. Hell, you can buy illegal drugs for less than that! I couldnt buy cancer at $8.50

Everyone says how did you quit smoking so easy. I was mad when they put that tax on their. i felt like one of those protestors. I would go in Papis Bodega and say how much is the ciggrettes? he would cuss me out cause id do it all the time. Hed say "Mother fucker the same as they were yesterday!" id say I cant pay that is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself.Charging that shit for cancer! We laugh cause id do it every-time i go in the bodega but hes good people. thats gabes father.

I use to wonder did he like me he always made me feel like one of his sons. He told me that as long as his son is happy hes happy any friend of gabes is a friend of his. When he lost his wife I use to come over everyday and chill I like old people a lot we talk about life and shit. he said its better to have gay feelings then none at all." i thought at the time he had a damn nerve but hes right. Its better to have someone you like or love than no one to like or love. Sometimes we need others and we need to feel loved. Or at the worst needed. Or both. It took some getting used to. gabe is no flag waver but his family just knows we have always been friends which is weird caus ewe know everybody who the other has dated and stuff. Its creepy cause to me hes really my best friend first.

Even when i have problems i can say aww man shit. Yu always do that BS but I never go outside and say to my friends what he doees or doesnt do. I just figure thats not kewl. So we promised from day one to always tell each other if something we do aggravates the other. but hell, he does it too much he says kell why do u do thhis or that. i be like damn! Complainin ass. But i rather hear it from him then some fool in the street. But Im working on a new project each week. Like keeping my side of the room neat. Throwing away old sneakers ( i save all my sneakers i have 100 pair so far they all look new. i like sneakers) Just little things and Im reading more and watching TV less. Im trtying to self improve. For the new year.

There goes the bell. I'm out...