Monday, July 21, 2008

Straight Pride Parade on Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY

Eastern Parkway has been the grand finale of the West Indian Day Parade for many years and rightfully so.
Its a fun loving celebration of a large majority of the Flatbush, Crown Heights populous which are Caribbean Americans or descended there of.
Hard working people who each year share a large part of their culture with the rest of the melting pot that is Brooklyn, NY. That is America.
However. this year we may have something new to look forward too. Record Label TCOOO (TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN) is hosting a response to the LGBTs pride parade.
Now of course we all know that everyone should have pride be you gay,straight. or bi be proud off what you do or don't do it has alays been my mantra, I mean face it America has many pride groups some are popular. some iconic some.....despised.
We have white surpremist touting their brand of white power. We have organized organizations such as the Latin Kings, LaFamilia and Yeta that duly promote Latino pride. We have the black panthers who promote black power...need I go on?
However, this will be promoted as a family event (this sounds very Jamaica meets Jessie Helms) at the height of a HIV epidemic that is currently endangering and destroying all cultures of the colored heterosexual community.
Granted the Jamaican music industry has lost a lot of revenue in concert appearances which is the meat and potatoes of any music performers income so its only logical that white gay advocacy groups should cast a questioning brow at this new endeavor. Asking is this revenge
Moreover, as political correctness demands the response from various gay voices and advocates were a wary if not fully convincing 'as long as their not promoting violence against us '
I'm sure as a African American/Panamanian resident and avid music lover is all because of the album '18 (karat Reggae 2008 Global Warming' which carries the tune 'Hit Em Hard' a song gay advocates is said is about gays and advocating violence against their supposedly sinful ways.
I did a quick peruse of craigslists men seeking men section and found quite a few DL Jamaicans offering all sorts of same sex escapades for free...wonder will they be marching August 31 with their wives and kids?

jahlaune Kelly
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